The coolest offices in the world

Whether it is 100 feet underground, has carpets made of Astroturf or slides that lead to conference rooms, the workplace matters.

An office offering a balance between creativity and functionality can not only boost productivity but gain the love of employees.

Some of the best companies in the world work hard to make their offices fun, creative and a place where employees look forward to going every day.

Check out some of the coolest office we came across (apart from our own obviously)

1. Google office, Zurich

Google was named the best company to work for in 2012 by Fortune magazine. Ever wondered why? With their Zurich office boasting famous perks such as; Alpine chalet-style meeting pods, a Cluedo-style drawing room and a helter-skelter this has to be one of the coolest HQs in the world!

2. Red Bull office, London

From ping pong table meeting rooms and a floating staircase, to a super slick slide to take employees to meetings the Red Bull office is one cool space. Five minutes in there and you will become an adrenaline junkie!

3. Ogilvy & Mather office, Guangzhou, China

The advertising agency needed to relocate their office which meant a longer commute for many of their employers. However, with a carnival-themed interior complete with carousel horses and life-sized nutcrackers their employees didn’t seem to mind!

4. White Mountain office, Stockholm

This internet provider has to have one of the most amazing offices in the world! The White Mountain Office is located 100 feet below the surface of Stockholm.  The space was once used as an anti-atomic shelter but in 2008 the 4,000 square foot space was turned into offices. How Bond-esque is this!

5. Innocent Drinks office, London

Innocent Drinks have fitted out their HQ with some very quirky touches including; astroturf for carpet and their very own beer garden to create a relaxed yet buzzy working environment. I wonder if they offer alcoholic smoothies on a Friday afternoon?

6. Bastard Store office, Milan

The skateboarder and snowboarder clothing brand has one of the coolest office additions ever! In their corporate headquarters in Milan they have suspended a huge skating bowl 6 meters above the store so their employees at can spend their breaks skateboarding in the ‘Bastard Bowl’. The suspended bowl doesn’t quite detract from the brand name though…

7. Pixar office, Emeryville, California

Pixar has produced some of the most treasured animated films of the last decade. Can you imagine these ideas coming from standard grey cubicles? In in an attempt to nourish and develop creative talent the grey cubicles have been banished and replaced with garden sheds. The office also includes a games room and a cereal room which features a variety of cereals, peanut butter, milk flavours and other breakfast treats all for free!

Inspiring Interns moved to our new headquarters in December 2011. We may not be underground or have garden sheds as cubicles but we do boast some amazing designs by our ‘unique’ Brazilian designer Lucas, a ping pong table and our very own Narnia wardrobe…all of which adds to the relaxed and fun atmosphere here!

If you’re looking to work in a cool office the best place to start is our marketing internships, advertising internships and PR internships pages, check out the perks section of any job to find more information on their offices!