Graduates – beat the rush and apply now!

In a months’ time a fresh batch of eager graduates will be entering the graduate jobs market. Graduates from the class of 2011 will not only be competing with their immediate peers but with the 250,000 graduates leaving university this summer. This sounds daunting, but there is good news: employers are still hiring and you still have the chance to make one final set of applications before the job market gets even busier.

At Inspiring Interns we have lots of exciting roles with immediate starts available in a broad array of sectors: marketing, finance, IT, media, web development, business development and many more. Our clients are looking for people NOW – this is a great opportunity to secure a crucial internship (and remember 65% of our interns become permanent employees after their internship) before the new graduates leave university.

Don’t forget when applying to put some thought into your application. Does your CV highlight all the key skills that make you stand-out from other candidates? Is it tailored to the role or roles you want? Have you triple-checked for spelling and grammar mistakes? Ensuring all these small details are right is an absolute pre-requisite for a successful application. Employers will also want to know what you have done in the time since leaving university. Highlight any things you have done, such as travelling or volunteering, that will have given you new skills and experience – you have a year’s more experience than the class of 2012 so make it count!

On the other side of the equation there are new graduates. We understand you have been working your socks off for final dissertations and exams and you are looking forward to a break but don’t leave applying for graduate roles until after the summer.  With 50,000 more graduates leaving university this year compared to 3 years ago it is best to get your applications in early. When doing so make sure you tell employers when you are available, what degree classification you are expecting and if you are looking for jobs back home rather than in your university city then put your parents address on your CV – you don’t want employers overlooking you because they think you live too far away!

Whether you are a new graduate or already have a years’ experience under your belt, start applying for jobs sooner rather than later. Beat the rush of university leavers, get your application in early and secure your graduate job or internship now!