10 of the most bizarre jobs in the world

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hand out business cards that declare you a professional sleeper or fortune cookie writer?

There are jobs available for almost everything you can think of so we have complied a list of the most bizarre jobs that are proof that even the strangest skill is useful to someone.

You may even discover your perfect career path which you didn’t know existed!

1. Golf ball diver

Have you ever wondered what happened to the golf balls that get accidentally knocked into the water? It is the job of golf ball divers to wade in and gather as many of the lost balls as they can. It is well-paid but can be extremely dangerous: there have been two recorded deaths on the job.

2. Professional sleeper

Yes, you can actually be paid to sleep on the job. This type of career usually involves partaking in sleep research projects at hospitals and universities. One really bizarre job advert for The New Museum of Contemporary Art required women willing zonk out during the museum’s opening hours and become a living museum exhibition.

3. Fortune cookie writer

Donald Lau is the vice-president of Wonton Food, Inc. and writes the fortunes inside the cookies. After struggling from writers block and having to recycle material Lau put out a job advert for a new fortune writer in 2005 (a job that is few and far between).

4. Dice inspector

The tiniest imperfection in a dice can skew the odds and cause it to land on one side more than others. The role of a dice inspector is to ensure quality control by carefully examining the dice for blemishes, incorrect proportions and angles that are slightly off.

5. Bed warmer

Certain hotels actually have employees that wear special thermal suits and lay in the beds before you arrive to get them warm and toasty. Creepy or what?

6. Snake ‘milker’

The role of a snake milker involves capturing poisonous snakes, extracting their venom, and releasing the snakes back into their natural environment. The snake venom is sold and made into anti-venom which is used to treat deadly snake bites. So if you love the thrill of adventure and want to help people, then this might be the right career for you!

7. Gross stunt tester

Shows like I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Fear Factor put their contestants through gross and sometimes dangerous trials. It is the role of gross stunt testers to prepare and try out the challenges to make sure it’s safe and to avoid lawsuits. Let’s hope the salary is worth it!

8. Body part model

Gemma's hand masquerading as Lily Cole's hand

When people think of a model they wouldn’t instantly think of someone who just models their beautiful hands or attractive feet but that is exactly what a body part model does. Body models can make a lot of money modelling things such as watches, hand cream and shoes. Hand model Gemma Howorth insures her prize assets for an astonishing £5million. A normal photo-shoot earns her an average of £100 an hour, but she can command up to £2,500 a day as a ‘hand double’ for celebrities.

9. Barnyard masturbator

The role of the barnyard masturbator is to masturbate farmyard animals for artificial insemination to help breeding. Somebody has to do it!

10. Sex toy tester

Yes, this job does exist and it pays pretty well. Nat Garvey, a sex toy tester from Cornwall, describes her role as the ‘perfect job’. Garvey is paid £25,000 a year by an online sex shop to test out all of their latest products to see which ones work the best. With global sex toy sales expected to go up by 700% over the next decade this type of job could become more common.