Pros and cons of working from home

How does your working day start? Do you have to endure an hour commute on an overcrowded train, arriving at the office stressed, exhausted and ripped off? Do you get a headache because of the lighting, or an earache because of the telephones? Is there too much gossip when you’re trying to concentrate, leaving you irritated by how little you have accomplished?

With the developments in technology it is becoming more and more efficient to work from home. Over 25% of the UK workforce “sometimes” works at home. But the number of people working “mainly” at home is 2.5% or 681,000 of the workforce ( Peter Thomson who works for Telework Association believes; “Virtually anything that used to be an office job and uses computers and telecoms can be done remotely for at least part of the week.”

Have you ever thought about a work from home career?

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of working from home below:


• There is no commute. This means you will gain more time to work and cut down travel costs to literally zero.
• Learn self-discipline and the ability to manage your own work-load.
• Freedom to control your own environment e.g. the level of noise, temperature.
• Avoid interruption and disruption that working in an office with colleagues can give you.
• Freedom to manage your own time and flexibility.


• Easy to get distracted and find other things to do such as; household chores.
• Don’t have people at hand to ask questions or bounce ideas off of.
• There is a social pressure in an office environment to get tasks done. At home it is you that has to motivate yourself.
• You can feel isolated with a lack of people contact.

Tips for working from home:

• Pick an area in your home that can be classed as your ‘work area’. This will help you mentally prepare for working.
• Create a routine as if going to work by getting up at the same time every morning and preparing for work e.g. getting dressed and washed and having breakfast before you start working. Creating a structure when working from home can be a lot more challenging than having certain times to abide by e.g. train times, what time the boss expects you in etc.
• Task lists become more important than ever to keep you organised and motivated.
• Get social contact. Working from home can be isolating so ensure you organise to meet friends on a regular basis. Try and organise activities outside of your house to get a change of scenery.
• Get physical exercise. As you won’t be leaving your house to walk to work or walk to public transport it is important to seek exercise in other ways.

If you want an alternative to the isolation of working from home a co-working space could be the answer. Co-working spaces such as; Matthews Yard in Croydon offer the appeal of working from home with a progressive workspace, blended with a casual cafe like feel, while still offering all of the important things you need to work including; high-speed internet, phones, conference rooms etc. Co-working could also offer a great opportunity to network, create contacts and collaborate with others.