Have you considered boosting your career with sales experience?

Amongst many graduates a career in sales has a mixed reputation.  This blog aims to demonstrate to you the fact that a career in sales can be very rewarding both financially and in terms of career progression.

Sales is as much as about understanding clients and managing their requirements as it is closing a deal; key skills when it comes to running and understanding a business. The most successful sales people will listen to their customer’s problems and opportunities and respond with creative and intelligent solutions that solve said problems and provide a win-win situation for both parties.

But enough jargon. We caught up with Les, the Sales Director & Co-Founder at a Deloitte Fast 500 media company (and one of our biggest clients), to hear his opinions on the topic.  Les has 33 years of sales experience and has helped graduates with no sales experience at all become successful in their sales career.

To sum up his feelings on the importance of sales in general, Les said that, “without sales on the top line there are no lines or figures. A company is its sales line and nothing would happen without first a sale.”  He goes on to say that he believes “everyone is in sales, most just don’t realise it, and everyone is capable of selling, but they just don’t realise it.”

  • Do you feel your sales experience has helped achieve success / your ambitions?
    Without a doubt. Sales people have the ability to ultimately earn more than anyone else and no company survives or thrives without sales taking place.  Good sales people are never out of work and always in demand.
  • How important is sales experience to understanding business?
    Without sales – there is no business; it is the line of figures that drives all other figures and metrics below in any business.
  • How highly do you value sales experience when hiring new team members?
    Our current leading sales person had nearly zero experience, as did many. Companies may think experience is what counts, (and it can help) but it is figures on the board that count.
  • What attributes do you look for in graduates looking to gain sales experience?
    Attitude, desire, ambition, determination, ingenuity and the ability to listen, learn and put what they have learnt into practice.

A sales career can lay the groundwork for a progressive career, give you key insights into the way a business works, you can have fun and make lots of money at the same time. In fact, many high-powered positions within larger corporations deem sales experience a prerequisite to apply. Fancy gaining some sales experience? You can check out our sales vacancies here.