Consolidate your skills with an IT internship

Many graduates undertake internships to gain a better understanding of what industry they would like to work in. Most IT graduates, however, will have a firm idea of the sector they want to move into because they have studied a vocational subject.

You might then wonder why an IT or a computer science graduate might undertake an internship. We caught up with Amit Lalani (AL), a University of Westminster graduate in Information Systems, and Jared Johnson (JJ), who graduated in Computer Science from the University of Brighton, to find out how their internships – which they found through Inspiring Interns – helped them start their working lives.  Amit has completed an internship at an exciting start-up operating in the high-end travel and tourism market and as a result earned himself a graduate job at the same company.  Jared is currently undertaking an internship in web development for a cutting-edge software company.

Hi Amit and Jared, thanks for talking to us. Firstly, did you work on one specific project during your internship or on lots of different areas?

AL: As the company I interned with was a start-up, I was involved in different areas of the business. This ranged from supporting users on IT-related issues to writing small scripts to enhance the experience of the user. Every day was different.

JJ: I currently have no specific project in my internship, however I will be working on a Sainsbury’s project in the new year.

Amit, did your internship help you secure a permanent graduate job?

AL: Yes, my internship gave me a chance to showcase my skills, which contributed to me being offered a full time role by the company.

To what extent have you used the skills you learnt at university in the workplace (and have they developed during the internship)?

AL: As I was in an internship that required technical skills, the experience I gained at university helped ease the transition into the workplace. During the internship I got to communicate with a range of different people from various departments which helped me to develop my communication styles depending on the type of person I was talking to. Also, being involved in different aspects of the business gave me valuable experience into how the overall business operates.

JJ: I have not been using a lot of my skills from university, rather I have been learning new skills and programming languages such as XSL and the software which the company uses.

Aside from Inspiring Interns, where else did you look for internships / jobs?

AL: The usual places: Milkround, Totaljobs, Monster

JJ: I had interviews at several companies before coming to Inspiring Interns. However Inspiring Interns offered roles which were the best fit for my profile.

Thank you very much to Amit and Jared! If you are interested in doing a graduate IT internship then check out our vacancies here.