Ten interview mistakes

We have been speaking to some employers who take on graduates about interview tips & techniques. Instead of putting this into the standard interview tips blog that we have all read before, we have compiled the following list of things you shouldn’t do. Everyone knows you should do some research and arrive on time, but what else?

Don’t be too early. Plan for everything to go wrong, do arrive early, find a cafe and then get there around ten minutes before the interview is due to begin.

Don’t forget to wash your hands. It sounds simple, but having dirty hands or stuff written on hands will be visible to the interviewer. You’ll almost definitely shake someone’s hand and you probably don’t realise how much you use your hands when you are talking. So put down that newspaper on your way there.

Don’t forget to be nice to the receptionist or whoever greets you! More often than not, the interviewer will ask this person what they thought of you.

Don’t fidget! Sit still, remain calm and compose yourself. Speak clearly and give the interviewer a good impression of yourself.

Don’t apologise for being nervous. Of course you’re nervous, this is fine. The interviewer knows this, and apologising could make things a little awkward.

Don’t lie. Be honest.

Don’t forget to sound enthusiastic. If you want to come out of the interview successfully, sound like you do. If you are lacking passion, either fake it, or question why it is you are really there. If you can’t fake enthusiasm, don’t go to the interview. You’re only wasting time.

Don’t ask about how much you will earn or the amount of holiday you will have until the very end of the final interview. Be it an interview for a graduate internship or permanent job, wait until the interview has concluded. Usually the interviewer will bring the issue up when they feel comfortable.

Don’t pretend you have no weaknesses. This is an absolutely classic interview question, so prepare for it. Unfortunately, you are not a superhero and everyone has a weakness. Make sure that you can turn your weakness into a positive. For example – you could admit that you are not very proficient with MS Excel, and counter this by stating that you are planning to take an online course to improve.

Don’t forget to continue in ‘interview mode’ until you are completely out of ear and eyeshot of the office. You never know who will be watching!

The advice we at Inspiring Interns would give you on top of all this, is to be yourself.

Do you have any further advice? Let us know by commenting below!