New graduates have a lot to offer

As a graduate going into an oversubscribed job market it is hard to see how you will compete with people who have far more industry experience than you. Obviously, don’t overlook the importance of gaining that experience but also think of what qualities you can offer a company that an industry veteran cannot. Just consider what sets you apart from someone who has 10+ years of experience and you will actually find that you are extremely marketable.

You need to be confident in yourself and your application and not overlook the qualities you have that can set you apart from the competition. So here are some points to remember:

You have ambition and eagerness to learn.

As a graduate you are energetic, motivated and eager to learn. A lot graduates are looking to “climb up the ladder” in a company, rather than working simply as a means to an end. This is extremely attractive to potential employers.

You are more at home with the latest technology trends.

Technology is crucial to any business and every employee has to have a certain extent of technical know-how. However, we are the first generation who have grown up with technology and practiced it just about every day. With the growing digital sector and importance of social media; employers understand the importance of technology in developing business and take it very seriously. Don’t take for granted your ability to use and keep up with the latest technology trends, it isn’t easy for everyone.

You are a quick learner with fresh knowledge from university.

Any prior education is very important in the workplace and as a recent graduate all of the latest business practices and theories will be fresh in your mind, which is something not everyone can say. This will allow you to pick things up very quickly in industry, something highly valued by employers.

You have innovative new ideas.

As a young graduate you will bring a new outlook and fresh ideas to improve the efficiency or success of a company – employers value that!

It is not easy leaving university and facing the current graduate job market but being young does bring its advantages in the business world.  If you have confidence in your own ability and qualities that set you apart then you will be sure to impress potential employers.