Off into the world

By MA Literary Studies graduate, Laura Blake.

So I’ve just completed my MA dissertation. A long, hard year spent buried in the library and forgoing Saturday nights have (hopefully) paid off, and in less than a weeks’ time I’ll be leaving university for good and taking my first steps out into the big wide world, armed with nothing more than my degree and my CV. Oh help.

Of course, I’ve also got the knowledge that I’d do a really, really good job in my chosen field. The trouble now is convincing other people of that fact! I’d love to work in magazine publication or book publishing, so my task is to figure out how I am going to stand out, get my foot in the door and get my hands on a job. But where to start?

Experience is one of the most important tools you can have. As I’ve known that this is what I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, I tried to be crafty and joined my university’s student magazine way back in my first freshers’ week. Unfortunately I got slightly distracted (for the entire year) and didn’t attend a single meeting, let alone write anything. In second year though, I really made it a commitment to it, and eventually ran for, and won the position of Features Editor. So at least I knew, albeit on a small scale, what I was getting myself in for (picture many late nights in the editing room trying to get to grips with Quark software;it wasn’t pretty) and could decide if it was something I was committed to as a career. It was.

Since then, I’ve been trying to grab any kind of experience possible to boost my CV, because after all, every little helps. I blog, I’ve joined LinkedIn; why, I even joined Twitter, because if it’s going to help me network, then I’d be stupid not to. You’ve got to put yourself out there as much as possible; head hunters won’t find you if you’re invisible.

Everybody says there aren’t enough jobs to go around, and I know that job hunting can be stressful, but luckily there is a God out there and someone decided to put together a site such as this one.I discovered Inspiring Interns a few weeks ago and I already feel better knowing that these guys are rooting for me and offering as much help as they can. They understand that many companies nowadays want candidates who have a good bank of work experience under their belts and you can never have too much experience. And what’s better than having an internship on your CV? A graduate internship is perfect opportunity to show case your talents, learn new skills, and hopefully, impress the right people, as well as giving you a realistic taste of the working world. I’ve already got a list of their vacancies that I’m going to apply for, all that’s left do now is wait and see… it’s a tricky business, but I’m sure that if I’m persistent, it’ll pay off.

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