Blogging your way to a career

Last year, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton was offered $20m for his website The blog quickly transformed the gossip site guru into one of the most recognised celebrity bloggers and influential people on the web.

Obviously not everybody will bag fame and fortune from their blogs, but they undoubtedly open doors to other opportunities and are a great way to build an online reputation. Blogs can showcase your talents, improve your writing skills and even enhance your chances of finding a graduate internship or job and impressing potential employers.

It is likely that at some point in the hiring process a potential employer will Google your name to see what they find. Therefore, you want it to support and enhance the perception you have created with your CV. The content they find should be informative, professional, well written and portray passion for the subject.

Steps in creating your own blog:

1.      Decide what you want the content to be about. There are so many topics and options but it will be your enthusiasm for a topic that will keep you writing. Begin by asking yourself ‘what do I love?’ You need to consider your hobbies, what books you read or films you watch, what industries interest you and what your favourite websites are.

2.      You need to focus on the aim of your blog.  You need to think about whether it is to spread the word about a particular topic, make your readers laugh or educate people? With this in mind you can then keep your content focused and targeted.

3.      Keep it updated and blog regularly. A blog with only 2 or 3 posts or that hasn’t been updated in 6 months has little value. If an employer looks at your blog and sees that only there are only a couple of entries that are dated then they may assume that you are either not committed to it, or that it’s only out there for show. It will also help boost search engine rankings and a higher rank will send you more people.

4.      Keep it professional! Remember that a potential employer could be reading it. They don’t want to see bad language, poor spelling or bad mouthing of other companies.

5.      Use social media to promote your blog. If an employer does search you online you want them to be able to find your blog so make sure it is linked from other places. Use Twitter, LinkedIn profile and Facebook and make sure it shows up when searched for

So now you have all the tools get that blog started! Once your blog is up and running, make sure you include a link to your blog in any job application.

Start blogging now!