Have a little faith

By Emma Farley.

You know how they say when you stop trying things just fall into place? Whether it be with relationships or your career, it turns out it’s actually true. I finished my degree with nothing lined up besides carrying on with my completely uninspiring part-time job in retail until I found something I really enjoyed. Turns out it wasn’t quite that simple, especially living outside of a big city.

I spent weeks on end applying for various jobs in media – practically anything going in the UK whether it be part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary, but I got very few replies. And the only replies were nos – not even interview offers! I couldn’t believe that small companies didn’t bother to reply with a ‘thanks but no thanks’ yet major companies like The Guardian and Channel 4 (who I applied to knowing I probably didn’t stand a chance and more often than not forget that I even applied to) would break my heart with a ‘you have not been successful this time’ email. I even applied for an internship with a decent film company based in London. I had a telephone interview and got through to the final four or so and planned how to work around it so I could afford to live in London during the week and transfer to another store to continue my retail work for three months. When I found out I didn’t get it I was heartbroken.

I remained optimistic and carried on applying for other positions and wound up with a fantastic six-week internship with filmdirecting4women. It allowed me to work from home for the most part and spend a week in London working at their film festival. For the first time in my life I was trusted to create a major publicity document for an established company. I learned a lot over that month and a half about the importance of networking and the use of social media and being able to put my magazine production and marketing skills into practice was a massive confidence boost. The founder of fd4w, Ruth Torjussen, was such an inspiring person to work for; I challenge anyone to find someone half as encouraging and supportive as her. She liked my work so much that she currently employs me as a freelancer and I am working under the title Marketing Manager for her current project, the filmdirecting4women roadshow.

It just goes to show that when you’re about to give up, something perfect will come along that will provide you with more opportunities than any of the previous placements you applied for. Don’t be afraid to dream big and don’t give up.

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