Becoming a social media superstar

By Jayne Read.

The main beauty of social media is that it is more often free and it is simple to use. Personally, I’ve been using social media since I was at school and I’m sure I’m not the only person who would admit to having been addicted to sites such as Myspace, Profilenation and many other forms of profile sites and forums. Our generation grew up with these kinds of sites and online networks of friends, we can see how they have grown and developed.

Back in the day, Myspace was great for chatting with school friends, keeping up to date with your favourite bands and showing off your marvellous one handed photography skills and impressive photo editing skill, that made you look really, really cool. Nowadays, Myspace has taken a back seat with Facebook and Twitter becoming the focus of our social media usage, for a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Personally I used Myspace in the early days to begin my pursuit of photography and modelling, it was the time a great direct route to local photographers and models. Not the level of professionalism I was after, but it led me to discover a number of similar sites that were geared towards industry professionals.

I would say that Facebook is the more sophisticated version of Myspace, it lacks the fun of customisable html profiles, but benefits from being a simple interface and generally easier to understand and use. To really benefit from Facebook, I would say my top tips would be to not be shy about interacting with companies that you are a fan of on the site. One of the reasons I love social media is that it is the first opportunity we have had as consumers to converse and comment directly with brands and people that we are interested in. If you have a blog, Facebook is a great way to promote this. I have a Facebook fan page for Jayne’s Kitschen and use this to post my thoughts and also link to new posts, using the @ tagging feature on Facebook, this also allows you to share your blog directly with the companies that you have mentioned, this is great PR for them, for me and always has a positive effect on my pages views.

Twitter is not so obvious to the rookie social media user. When I first used Twitter I couldn’t grasp the concept, to me it was like Facebook status updates but to strangers and with the limit of a word count. However, after giving the site a proper go, I have discovered that the links to companies and celebrities that I love about Facebook are even stronger on Twitter. Again, a top tip for Twitter would be interacting with other users, whether that be a simple hello and introduction and a comment on something they have tweeted, retweets are also particularly beneficial, this will help build your followers, reputation and you never know what might come of it!

On my Twitter I take a friendly approach, offering help to companies and individuals that appeal to me and offer encouragement to fellow bloggers. This had lead to me gaining some great connections and allowed me to work with some incredible people. As mentioned previously I gained my current job via Twitter, so it just goes to show that this simple site can offer some giant opportunities when used properly.

If you’d like to find me on Twitter I’m @JayneJRead and please feel free to drop me a line if you think I can help with something, I’m very friendly! Also don’t forget to take a look at my blog which will be of particular interest to any girly girls or vintage fan reading.

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