Job hunting tip – ignore the date on a job post!

This is a very simple piece of advice, but it can make all the difference.  Think about it.  When was the last time you read about a graduate internship/ job vacancy online, but when you realised it was posted just two weeks ago you decided not to apply?

The recruitment process can often be drawn out and recruiters will wait until they have received the right applicant before taking down the job, rather than a certain amount of applications.  Apart from the possibility that the job is still available, there are still many other reasons to apply for vacancies that aren’t brand spanking new.

Firstly, a well written, spelling-error free application is an excellent way for you to specify to a potential employer what you are interested in and looking to do.  Not only can you detail your interest in the vacancy, but also express your enthusiasm for their company and what they do.

Secondly, even if a job is no longer live, there is always the chance that they will keep your application for a future vacancy; you never know when that may be or when someone within their organisation might leave, making room for you!

Thirdly, many companies are based across different locations, so whilst you may have noticed a vacancy in location X, they might well be recruiting for someone in location Y.

Lastly, businesses always need talented people in their ranks; recruitment is almost always a continuous process.

So remember, don’t be shy in applying to a job that grabs your attention and ignore the date it was posted!