An internship is for life, not just for 3 months

Those of you who regularly check our website may have noticed the cloud and moon formation on the menu bar encircling the words ‘Get Inspired’.  This a new section we have been working on to let you know about our vision for your future careers.  It aims to inspire and demonstrate the benefits of undertaking a graduate internship.

Of all the graduates we have found internships, 65% have secured permanent positions at the company they interned for.

At present, seven real life success stories feature to give you a little background on their reasons for coming to us in the first place, what they were looking for, what they did during their internship and how they earned a full time job.

This is Jess’ story:

Why did you come to Inspiring Interns?
I came to Inspiring after having applied to many jobs and either not hearing back or getting rejected. I realised that while I have a degree, I didn’t have much experience and so I wanted to do an internship to enhance my skill set, boost my CV and potentially get a job. I went specifically to Inspiring because I liked that they organised for lunch and travel expenses to be paid and the way they seemed to have so many contacts and want to match you to an internship that matched your skills, interests and career aims.

What kind of internship were you looking for?

I didn’t particularly know what industry I wanted to work in but said I wanted something challenging, with immediate responsibility, where I could use my skills. I wanted to be put in the deep end.

What did your internship involve, and what did you learn?

My internship involved joining a small management team and 3 other interns in starting up a company in the diamond industry. My initial role was to work out some processes, create documents we needed and manage the technology solution that the company would be using once we’d gone live. Once live, I was part of the client service team (contacting and managing client relationships) during the first two sales cycles but then moved to a different role and managed the technology development, delivery and use. I learnt how to start up a company, how a business works (from models to processes to HR), management skills, team work in extremely busy and stressful times, technology development and delivery, negotiation theory, managing client relationships and a huge amount about the diamond industry.

How bigger role do you feel the internship played in you gaining a permanent position?

Without the internship I would never have found such an enjoyable job. It was the only way to get into the industry and into the role I am in.

So thanks to Jess, Catherine, Katharina, Katie, Nabila, Poormina and Thomas for your contributions.  If anyone else has a story they would like to share, please get in touch!  We aim to build a community, so if you have anything you would like to see featured in our blog or on our website then again, please contact us.