An Inspiring interview

By James Goldson.

I’m a recent graduate who, like many, are finding it extremely hard to get into the world of work. I found Inspiring Interns from the recommendation of a friend and thought I may as well get in contact and see if anything comes of it. Although I’m already in the middle of an internship, it’s a bit of a dead end placement as there’s no prospect of a job at the end. What appealed to me about II is that the majority of interns gain full time employment.

So anyway, I spoke with Christina from HR who told me what the procedure is and asked me to come in for an interview. I’ve done quite a few interviews before but have never had such a surreal one as this. It started off terribly. Literally a worst case scenario occurred. I found the office fine but the lift gods decided to smite me and break the lift. Great, I was stuck on the 4th floor and couldn’t get out. Luckily, the friend that recommended Inspiring Interns to me, Alex, actually works for them and so I gave him a quick call to say ‘please rescue me’. As Alex is a kind soul, he decided to tell the whole office who found it hilarious. In fact some of them came down to see if I was OK by speaking through the lift doors – pretty embarrassing really.

After nearly 25 minutes stuck in the lift, a technician rescued me and I collapsed into the office dripping with sweat and nearly dying of dehydration – worst first impression ever. Considering I looked like I’d just arrived from the Sahara, the team were very hospitable and fetched me a glass of water and apologised profusely. Once I’d recovered from my ordeal, I had my interview with Christina which involved a few general questions about what I wanted to do, what experience I had etc. The more daunting part was having to do a video profile which they send out to businesses to accompany your CV. I’d been warned about this before so I had prepared a minute or so spiel on how great I was, but I’m not the best speaker in the world so was quite conscious of mucking it up. But it was all very relaxed and luckily I could have as many takes as I wanted, and once I’d finished I could watch it over to check it was OK. On take 3, I had an acceptable video profile (by my low standards) and Christina assured me it was good. So once the interview was over I decided to hang out with Alex for a bit who gave me a guided tour of the office. They have this amazing rooftop balcony with a crazily good view, a kitchen full of food, and a football they like to kick round the office – one of the nicest offices I’ve seen.

So to sum up, I got stuck in a lift, made a video and then played football in the office. Quite a fun interview really.