Graduate Talent Pool

The Graduate Talent Pool was launched in July 2009 by the Government to improve the long-term employability of recent UK graduates.

During the current economic downturn current graduates are facing one of history’s toughest job markets.  The Government scheme aims to help graduates gain skills and open doors to companies.

The Graduate Talent Pool offers graduates free access to internship vacancies across a range of industry sectors.  It has a good geographical spread of opportunities across the UK from UK employers. Graduates can search and apply for internship vacancies provided they graduated in 2008, 2009 or 2010 from a UK university with a degree or foundation degree.

Getting an internship through the site is one way of building valuable employability skills, gain real-life work experience and vital transferable skills. It allows graduates to try their hand at a profession or career path as well as prove themselves to a potential employer.

Universities Minister David Willets commented, “Over 28,000 internships vacancies have been advertised by employers on the Graduate Talent Pool website since its launch in July 2009. The Graduate Talent Pool is a free website which brings together employers and graduates. There are currently nearly 1,855 internships available.” The popularity of the site ensures there are always a large number of opportunities available, but conversely means there is usually a lot of competition for ever position.

Inspiring Interns regularly post job adverts on Graduate Talent Pool and feel it is a great portal for opportunities. We currently offer a more intimate application process where we actively match candidates and companies.  Working with a range of small and medium sized businesses, we feature a diverse range of roles in various sectors including marketing, fashion, mobile and digital.