An Inspiring Internship

London under a blanket of snow

On Monday morning, a freezing central London greeted me with a tube strike and thus a 40 minute walk across town to none other than Inspiring Interns, where I began (you guessed it)…an internship!  Whilst this wasn’t my original intention when I applied to Inspiring Interns, it has definitely transpired to be exactly the internship I was looking for.

Having graduated this year and worked for a short while in recruitment, I decided that I wanted to gain experience in marketing and I felt that an internship would be the best way of achieving this.  So having left my job I got in touch with Inspiring Interns, who offered me a number of roles including one with them. Naturally I could only choose one…

So what exactly does being a marketing intern at Inspiring Interns involve?  Basically, anything and everything.  But it has certainly brought to my attention the importance of social media in promoting a company, regardless of the industry.  Seldom do we as a consumer actively investigate new brands the age has dawned where brands must access us.  And where better to access millions of potential customers at a low cost than social media websites.

Did you know that social media has overtaken pornography as the number one activity on the internet? FACT.  Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.  FACT.  1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. met via social media.  BIZARRE.  Thankfully the latter two facts relate less directly to those of us based in the United Kingdom.  However, they do go a long way in highlighting that social media is definitely the way forward in business.

So where does this leave you?  Most probably, Facebook stalking.  But for those of you interested in marketing, PR or any customer facing role, then perhaps it’s time to consider actively building yourself an online professional face.  Not only is it useful for teenagers sharing photos of prematurely drunken experiences, but it is also a good way of building up what could be necessary experience for a future career in a social media orientated role.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a blog…it’s all relevant.

Ecommerce is the buzz word of the future: so get involved now.  And what better way to begin your career than with an internship?!