Where are all the graduates???

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Last week the new Inspiring Interns marketing team enjoyed a jolly to the Marketing Week Live exhibition at Olympia in order to spread the Inspiration. Though initially a little apprehensive, the lovely Natalie Parnell and myself were amazed at just how many exhibitors were excited to talk to us and discuss interns and graduates more generally. We are proud to announce that Inspiring Interns received a warm reception, and is now linked with a number of exciting new corporations to which we cannot wait to send our ambassadors. What stunned us even more however was how few young people were there networking. Marketing, like many other popular career paths, is an industry where entry-level positions are fairly few and competition is fierce. Networking is a fantastic way to get your name out there and meet the right people – my flatmate Lina for example got her place on a grad scheme for a great agency after getting talking to an employer she met at a marketing event. She is now living the dream hobnobbing with high-profile clients. Further to this, and possibly most importantly, Natalie and I had brought large bags and played ‘Supermarket Sweep’ with the freebies on tables – I got two boxes of couture chocolates and a mug in my haul! Natalie picked up enough pens to get her through her final year at uni!

So many graduates underestimate the importance of making themselves stand out from the crowd during an interview. Even if you don’t get a job simply by attending events, you will certainly learn things worth discussing in interviews and prove your genuine interest in your chosen career path. It is easy to find relevant networking events online, they are often free to attend and well worth your attention. While we always recommend internships to gain valuable work experience, it is important to consistently do what you can in every aspect of your life to present yourself as not only an Inspiring Intern, but someone who has brilliant potential to become a valuable addition to any work-force. Cheesy? Yes. Clichéd? Yes, but it’s true.