Internships ‘An Industrial Finishing School for the Middle Classes’? I’m Not Convinced.

Anyone who follows the news cannot have failed to notice the current debate about the value and legitimacy of internships. Obviously this is a subject we at Inspiring Interns feel quite strongly about, and felt it was time to chip in with our thoughts on the subject. One of the main concerns we are seeing is that many young people are unable to afford to carry out an internship. Unfortunately, there are actually funding options to help such individuals, but these tend to be poorly advertised. We at Inspiring Interns are able to advise you on the available options so feel free to get in touch with any questions. I asked Royal Holloway lecturer Nigel Saul to give an opinion on the matter, having spent years guiding students into careers upon graduating. Nigel tells me that he believes, ‘As completion for graduate-level jobs increases, so it becomes all the more important for applicants to show that they’ve got some experience of the workplace. These days, the process of gaining such experience begins at school, when pupils do a week’s work experience in a setting of their choice. The idea of internships builds on that and helps to bridge the gap between the process of thinking and studying at university and the business of working on graduation. Internships help both the graduating student and the employer. They help the employer by proving them with better trained, more experienced and mature graduate applicants. They help the graduate by providing them with experience – and perhaps to assist in helping them decide which career path to ultimately pursue.’ This is just the opinion of one individual; however we are finding that across the board, the happy endings earned through internships are far outnumbering the horror-stories the media often pounces upon in order to generate a social panic! This is just our belief however, please feel free to comment with your own experiences on internships, good and bad so that we can continue to tailor the services we offer to best suit our clients.