How do I get a job with a 2:2 Degree?

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The recent news that “three quarters of employers ‘require 2:1 degree’” has come as a shock to many graduates who have only just received their university degrees, many of which fall below this grade.  With the number of students still on the rise, the latest statistics issued by The Association of Graduate Recruiters reveal that job vacancies have decreased by 7%, a frightening percentage for any graduate on the hunt for a job.

Hearing such statistics can be disheartening, and the current job climate is such that it is even more important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  Employers are not just looking for candidates with enthusiasm in an interview and a high academic record on paper; they are now turning to work experience and seeing whether potential employees have enough relevant transferable skills.  Yet here lies another conundrum – how does one go about gaining these skills when no company will employ a candidate without them?

This is exactly where internships can help.  By engaging yourself in an internship, you can get one step onto the career ladder and significantly increase your employability.  Not only will you have a taster of work in your chosen field, but you will gain invaluable experience that employers are finding increasingly necessary when deciding who to employ.

If you recently graduated and your degree was not what you wanted or was lower than you expected – don’t panic.  Degrees are of great value but they do not mean everything in terms of employability.  Experience in the working world is becoming crucial to employers, so why not bite the bullet and apply for that internship that you’ve been meaning to – there’s every chance that it will lead to that full-time dream job.