This week’s insightful introduction to the world of mobile marketing

Here at Inspiring we are on the cusp of graduate recruitment. We offer roles in finance, IT, graphic design and more.  This week we’ll be introducing you to the exiting fields of mobile marketing, social media and SEO/PPC, which are areas growing rapidly and on the look out for quick, passionate graduates.

So what is mobile marketing? Mobile is an industry as hot and fresh as a Greggs’ pasty. At Inspiring Interns we can help provide you with a stepping stone into this and many other exciting industries. Mobile is currently in its infancy and growing rapidly. In the UK there are currently 48 million adults but 76 million mobile devices- that’s 1.6 devices per person. The future currently lies in smartphones-internet enabled devices. Some 54 million smartphones were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2010 and the smartphone is set to become the way to access the internet. This growth is due to the improvement in mobile internet connections and cheaper data plans.  Mcommerce is hot on everyone’s lips. It will allow people to purchase tickets, receive vouchers, and manage their bank accounts through their mobile. In Japan, the mobile has already been integrated with contact-less debit cards and oyster cards. It is not a communication device. It is an integral part of people’s lives.  The potential of mobile is massive and advertising companies have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of exploiting its potential.

Advertisers have only recently recognised the potential of mobile marketing and specialist mobile companies are rapidly being snapped up. M&C Saatchi recently purchased InsideMobile for a tidy sum. These companies not only produce apps, they also create mobile (WAP) sites & mobile adverts (banners/videos).  Everyone is getting excited about mobile because it allows marketers to know what happened, by whom, when and where.  Ad campaigns involving SMS, MMS, Bluetooth and QR codes, allow marketers to gather a lot of accurate data on customers. They are also highly personal and sociable- they enable individuals, communities &brands to engage with each other in creative, innovative ways.

If you like a challenge, love working as part of a team and have razor sharp communication skills- mobile might just be your thing. If you’re interested in marketing internships, advertising internships or PR internships in London, get in touch!

Later on this week we’ll be blogging about social media and SEO/PPC, so keep your PCs on and your eyes peeled!