How my internship took me to the World Cup

andrewInspiring Interns’ very own Andrew Scherer is currently working (and living it up) at the World Cup in South Africa. Here he explains how an internship helped him land his dream gig…

It’s a hard life: I’m currently sat by the pool atop my hotel roof looking out over the Johannesburg skyline as the South African winter sun warms my face.  I’ve already seen Brazil, Ivory Coast, Argentina and Holland in action.  At work I mingle with the likes of Clarence Seedorf, Kevin Keegan…and Andy Townsend (it’s not all good).  And I’m being paid to be here.

‘How on earth,’ I hear you cry, ‘are you such a jammy sod?’  Well, the short answer is I did an internship.

As part of my course at university I was obliged to undertake a year abroad, and I took the opportunity to boost my work experience. I found a sports media company in Munich looking for interns, and secured a ten month stint at a firm whose clients include UEFA and Bayern Munich.  This period not only gave my CV a fantastic boost, it also allowed me to make some very useful contacts in the sports media field.  Over the next two years I kept in touch with these newly-made acquaintances, and earlier this year when they were looking for people to work in South Africa I was at the forefront of their minds.

So now I find myself milling around with some of the biggest names in the world of football, experiencing an incredible and unique sporting event, and having a pretty good time while I’m at it.

Obviously I have been lucky.  Very lucky, in fact.  But my story does demonstrate the huge value of an internship. Thanks to my stint as an intern my CV was suddenly full of attributes that employers are desperate to see, opening doors that had previously been shut to me.  And as I have described, the contacts I made during my work experience have proved invaluable in securing new, paid work.  So if you are desperately looking to kick-start your career, take it from a man on an all expenses paid jolly to the World Cup: an internship is the key.