Slave labour graduates? Try ambitious young professionals

On the 04/02/2010 the Daily Mail ran an article entitled ‘The slave labour graduates: Cynical firms are forcing thousands of high flyers to work for nothing – or even making them pay for the privilege’. In his report Tom Rawstorne suggested that the ‘cream of a generation’ were being taken for a ride by the system of internships that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our job market.

Inspiring Interns were left rather bemused by the entirely negative picture the Mail painted. Sadly there are companies willing to take advantage of unemployed graduates – with the media sector particularly guilty – but by and large the rise in internships has been a very positive development for both businesses and job seekers.

At Inspiring Interns we rigorously check our clients before we send them candidates to ensure the placement will benefit the graduate and that the company is not using interns as a rolling staff solution.

This means that, having been trading for just over a year, we now have a plethora of grateful graduates who are now in paid employment as a result of having done an Inspiring Interns internship.

Ben Tatton-Brown, CEO of Ring Ring Mobile, has hired eight interns from Inspiring, all of whom have secured permanent positions as a direct result of doing a placement. Tatton-Brown commented: “Inspiring Interns’ service has been invaluable to our company. We have found eight superb staff members that have developed and grown within their roles, and who would not have become part of this company had they not initially completed internships.”

Inspiring Interns are always thrilled to hear when our work has helped candidates gain invaluable experience, particularly when they have gone on to secure full-time positions. We believe it is this mix of developing skills and creating careers that make our company such an attractive proposition to graduates.

Inspiring Interns specialises in finding meaningful internships and jobs for recent graduates. If you’re looking for a graduate job or internship check out our full list of graduate internships in London.