Interns to receive government funding

Yesterday Alistair Darling presented the pre-budget report to the country. The furor over the proposed bankers’ bonus tax and the rise in National Insurance has eclipsed one of the positive elements to the plans. Darling said he wanted to, “break down informal barriers which close off some careers to undergraduates from poorer backgrounds,” by offering students from disadvantaged backgrounds financial support for internships.

The plan is a reaction to former minister Alan Milburn’s July report that slammed internships as, “becoming a back-door for better-off, better-connected youngsters.” While some internships are obtained from the proverbial, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” approach, many are obtained through hard work and endless applications. Of course, many are also obtained through fantastic companies like Inspiring Interns!

However, whatever the method, it is unfortunate that some graduates (and their parents) simply cannot afford an internship as, though many companies pay expenses, they do not pay rent, food or gas bills. Regardless of personal politics, here at Inspiring Interns we applaud this proposal and hope that all political parties will consider implementing it in the future.

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