Use body language smartly to enhance your interview!

This morning, as usual, I was browsing the news and other interesting articles when a video drew my attention from BNET. It is about how to ace a job interview by using effective body language. According to Carol Kinsey Goman, the author of “The Nonverbal Advantage”, “Even the tiniest gesture can say a lot about you.” According to the research from New York University, you’ve only got 7 seconds to impress the interviewer. That’s when you walk into the room from the door until you reach your seat. The 7 seconds are extremely important and the major decisions will be made about your credibility, confidence and competence.

7 powerful ways to impress your interviewer:

1. Adjust your attitude

Don’t wait until a person takes you to the interview room to warm up, think about the situation and make a proper choice before you get into the room. Your attitude can attract people such as happy, friendly and curious attitudes.

2. Stand tall

Stand up-straight, point your shoulder back, holding your head high to show your confidence that you are sure about yourself.

Picture 2

Source: BNET

3. Smile

An invitation, a sign of welcome, shows you are friendly and approachable. The research shows that if you smile to someone, it activates the reward sending from someone else’s brain.

4. Make eye contact

Transmit energy and indicate your interesting opennesses. A technique for you to remember is, look at the interviewer’s eye long enough until you notice which colour they are.

5. Raise your eyebrow

Open your eyes slightly than normal simulate the eyebrow flash is an universal signal of recognition acknowledgement.

Picture 4Picture 7

Source: BNET

6. Lean in slightly

Lean in forward shows to engage to an interest. We naturally lean forward shows that we likely agree with. But don’t forget, be respectful for the other person’s space.

Picture 8

Source: BNET

7. Shake hands

It is the quickest and most efficient approach. Make sure you hold the person’s hand few seconds more than you naturally would do.

Picture 9

Source: BNET

Easy 7 steps but dramatically stronger your opportunity, next time when you are going for an interview. I’m sure you can do well! Get inspired!

–14th Oct.


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