News Roundup 12/10/09

Sometimes all it takes to get ahead is a bit of creativity. Of course, as this article about the sandwich-board graduate points out, sometimes it’s not so much a unique idea but adapting an old one to make it modern and relevant. Either way, let this story be an inspiration to you!

The debate about the usefulness of social media/networking to SMEs rages on. According to this study the majority of a sample of small businesses in America don’t get what all the fuss is about.
Again, as the article and the comments point out, the sample size is pretty tiny, and it’s all about knowing your audience. Here at Inspiring Interns we know full well the use of social networking (and hopefully you’ve found out about our site and what we do through one…!) but it’s fairly obvious that if we a restaurant in a small town in Hertfordshire (for example!) our out-reach efforts could be better co-ordinated…

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