Govmnt. Encourages Youth Work Experience/Internships

Quoted from: This news article

“Part of the drive is targeting the 18% of young people interested in a career in advertising, marketing and PR. It is hoped it will lead to the creation 85,000 jobs and training opportunities with the backing of 150 companies nationwide.”

“Work experience is one of the key focuses of the campaign. A poll conducted by Populus has found 69% of businesses are more likely to hire someone who had experience within their company. A further 43% saw work placements completed elsewhere as an asset.”

Good news! Although it might seem like common sense that a majority of businesses are more likely to hire someone with experience within that same company, the fact still remains that figures talk. That the government is taking notice of these figures is also a definite positive; the upshot being that, hopefully, more and more relevant and respectful internships (of the kind we negotiate and advertise vacancies for in fact…) will be available to young people and graduates.

This is further proof if ever proof was needed that internships are an increasingly valuable way to break into some of the most competitive industries such as communications, P.R. and new media.

Gordon Brown claimed that his proposed measures would ultimately lead to 85,000 new jobs; whilst “the Conservatives deemed the figures unrealistic [and] the Liberal Democrats said the proposals laid out were ‘timid’, as is the wont of opposition parties, it is nevertheless a very positive start. So take heart young job-seekers, and get inspired!

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