Get Involved – Get Inspired!

Hello all! This is a little blog post aimed squarely at letting you know how and encouraging you all to ‘get involved’.

All this means is engaging with us beyond simply looking at our vacancies page. Many of you are friends of ours on Facebook; many follow us on Twitter, and many of you message us through them!
Make use of us more! Open Facebook chat and say ‘hello’ or ask for some advice, send us a direct message on Twitter just asking what we’ve got available or for C.V. tips!

Then of course there’s calling us for general info, starting a thread or a debate in our FB group ‘Internships In London’ or joining up with us on Linked In.

Don’t forget that every now and again we’ll have an office B-B-Q. If we invite you to it (normally because we know you live near-by or we’ve already met you) you really ARE more than welcome to come along. Again, you’re welcome to drop by the office to record a video profile, drop off your C.V. or just introduce yourself.

So that’s us. Not just a vacancy list or a company. Real people who are keen to meet you!

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