Interns Come, Interns Go!

And so, as is the tradition both tragic and hopeful, four Inspiring Interns Interns enjoy their last day in the office as they prepare to move on, whilst four bright and eager new Interns are already being shown the ropes and getting to grips with everything; the technology, the people, the ethos. The sandwiches.

It’s sad to see friends leave but exciting to see new faces right? Allow me to elucidate:

P.R./Marketing Intern codename: P has recently decided to leave our comfort zone here in favour of the warm embrace of a digital marketing company. It’s a fantastic career move for a motivated, talented and well qualified intern, and everyone is understandably pleased for her; until the sadness at her departure kicks in.

Luckily for the intern chosen to follow in her footsteps (That’s me…) she’s stuck around to take me through the processes i’ll be working with and the responsibilities i’ll be taking on. Likewise for the other three pairs of new-learning-from-old, they’re all settling in faster than you can say brand new marketing, P.R. and HR intern team’. One of the things that I was apprehensive about, and no doubt potential interns world-over will be too, is the idea of being thrown in at the deep end…

Which, in a sense, you are. However I’m already sure that it’s the best way; i’m learning at a rate of knots, and because we’re a SME (although rapidly growing) it means I’m already taking on real responsibility and I feel like I have the opportunity to make a difference. It’s incredibly motivating and, significantly, rewarding too.

The process of starting an internship has been a compellingly positive one. Without thining too far ahead, I’m already confident about what I will have learnt and what I’ll take away with me, in terms of skills and additions to my C.V., when I eventually start showing my replacement the ropes.

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