Interning is the answer

It has been revealed in the news today ( that The British Telecom Group PLC (BT Group) will not be recruiting graduates for the foreseeable future. The company has previously seen a lot of interest from graduates having had 4,800 applications for only 130 places – approximately 3 places for every 100 applicants. The UK’s largest communications service provider has had many of its most important employees recruited from the graduate programme, including the head of the Global Services arm.

BT’s graduate programme offered vast benefits to its graduates with a starting salary of £27,000, an annual performance based bonus and various other subsidies, further adding to the intense competition for jobs in this economic climate. According to the association of Graduate Recruiters, 48 graduates will be competing for every job on offer this year. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Internships are the cheaper and more flexible way for employers to get excellent talent for a much cheaper price. Inspiring Interns is providing the solution for all parties. Tough times like these means that the best option for graduates is to gain as many skills and as much experience as possible.

Internships, especially with start-ups are the quickest way to do this. They have limited resources and cannot afford the costs of having interns without the relevant skills. Inspiring Interns makes this easy for everyone. We prepare candidates for what could be the most important “boot-camp” of their life, we find them the best companies to work in and we save them time. So, get applying, win an internship and gain some skills. You’ll love us for it.

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