Get a Job After University?

28th July 2009

So university is over, and like thousands others you are trying to find that first job… well in our climate any job.

But is this the route that we should be following? Do students really want to jump from the one nest of education straight into the other of employment? For the sake of youth and experience, take a leap of faith and who knows where you could land.

The other things to do after University:

  • Travel

    See the world

Of course requires some funding, but many travel and find work at their destinations which is proving to be easier than finding work in the UK. However do some research because anything worth doing is worth being done correctly. There are many websites offering free advice on how to go about it, along with the numerous companies offering trips all over the world such as STA Travel. If you do want to find a job, get one abroad? Two kill birds with one stone, travel and work resulting in some money in your pocket and a worn out passport.

  • Get involved with the community

This does not have to be your direct community! There’s a big wide world out there, help out in countries where you could actually make a difference. Again this is a big commitment, so do your homework but here’s a head start at the Real Gap Year website.

  • Do an internship

Yes this does fall under getting a job after university however an internship allows you to experience the fields you may wish to get into as a career move. They vary from their duration and salary but are a great way to make the connections you may need later in life.

Whatever you decide to do, do your research! University is over, but you can still have the time of your life.

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